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Transit-Oriented Development 2 - Public spaces, mobility hubs and transport declarations

Car travel consumes scarce fossil oil resources, accelerates climate change globally and creates air pollution locally. Transit-oriented development is an urban design policy that aims to reshape car-oriented neighborhoods, integrate transit infrastructure into neighborhoods, and inspire a shift from private cars to walking and public transport.

This initiative will examine station areas in Sweden, Denmark and China to develop a TOD2 framework with perspectives on public spaces, shared mobility and innovative mobility hubs, andcarbon neutrality toolboxes .This aims to contribute to achieving decarbonization and reduced oil dependency in European and Chinese cities.

Coordinator: KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Europe), Nanjing University (China)

Partners: NIRAS A/S (Denmark), Tongji University (China), Stockholm University (China), URBANDIGITAL APS (Denmark), Foreningen Bloxhub (Denmark), Frederiksbergs kommun (Denmark).

Total contribution: SEK 5 965 794

Start date: May 2, 2023 

End date: April 30, 2026

Type of action: research