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Smart Village

- self-sufficient energy systems in the neighborhood of the future

The Smart Village concept has been developed by a non-profit to build the neighborhood of the future in a modern eco-unit with a high degree of energy self-sufficiency. 

The initiative aims to push the boundaries of how a modern neighborhood can be designed and provide opportunities for a lifestyle with near-zero emissions while creating new conditions for social community. In this application, we want to investigate and verify the conditions for how a future residential area with near-zero energy consumption can be successfully realized and where the best climate and environmental benefits can be integrated into the existing energy system. 

The initiative is a cross-sectoral group including Kalmar Energi, the construction company I am Home, WSP and the non-profit Smart Village. The results of the study will be able to guide and inspire those who want to go ahead of the regulations and already invest in building the communities of the future. The initiative creates the conditions for conducting future pioneering demonstration projects in the next step where lessons learned can be disseminated.


  • Project manager: Anna Thore, Energikontoret sydost.
  • Partners: Kalmar energi, I am home, Energikontor sydost, WSP, Smart Village
  • Total budget: 860 000 SEK
  • Grant requested: 430 000 SEK
  • Start date: 2018-06-18 
  • End date: 2019-03-31
  • Type of action: feasibility study
  • Keywords: smart grids, material selection, energy storage, lifestyle, smart village.

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