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Sharing communities

This initiative is part of Sharing Cities Sweden, a national program for the sharing economy in cities.

In this initiative, we want to explore the social drivers in a neighbourhood and see how the potential for sharing in existing communities could be used more and how an increased sense of group belonging on the theme of sharing could promote a clearer institutionalization of sharing among tenants. 

The initiative will address both how housing companies can facilitate sharing between tenants and how they can provide space for sharing. The project may also address shared transportation. We have the opportunity to do this in collaboration with Stockholmshem and ÅWL Arkitekter in an existing pilot project in Solberga within Green Housing. 

The result is useful for housing companies in both their existing spaces and in new construction. Furthermore, the project's results will complement, consolidate or contrast the insights that arise in Sharing Cities Sweden, more specifically in the test beds where new construction is carried out or planned with the intention of promoting increased sharing (Gothenburg and Malmö). Sharing has the potential to facilitate new and old areas to grow together, and for different social groups to meet, and sharing can be a way to strengthen the neighborhood.


  • Project manager: Liv Fjellander, IVL
  • Partners: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (leading partner), Stockholmshem, ÅWL Arkitekter and IIIEE Lund University.
  • Total budget: SEK 2 000 000
  • Grant requested: 1 000 000 SEK
  • Start date: 2019-01-01 
  • End date: 2020-12-31
  • Type of search: innovation
  • Keywords: sharing economy, cities, sustainable consumption, community, tenants' associations, tenants, housing companies, marketplaces, communication, digital tools.

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