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Mobility as a service included in housing

The initiative will develop climate-smart mobility solutions that are included in housing in the new Vårvik district in Trollhättan, where 1800 new homes will be built by 2030. 

Trollhättan's ambition is to grow to 70,000 inhabitants by 2030. An important part of this growth is Vårvik, a green district that is being prepared for the future with climate-smart solutions and a focus on sustainable lifestyles. By redeveloping an older industrial area and gradually creating a new district, a whole new area will be opened up to the city. Vårvik is close to nature, close to Trollhättan's city center and travel center and right by our beautiful river. Vårvik is planned for approximately 1,600 homes, 25,000 square meters of business space and a large area for recreation, exercise, plant and animal life. 

The starting point for mobility services in Vårvik is sustainable living close to the city center. This means that the need for private cars is expected to decrease over time and other mobility solutions will be prioritized. To influence the development in this direction, it will be important for the City of Trollhättan to be brave and dare to test the market for new mobility services. The physical conditions in the area do not allow for a higher parking ratio, which means that the average parking ratio for the area needs to be low. The City of Trollhättan has also stated that walking, cycling and public transport are priorities and that the ambition is to reduce the share of car traffic in the municipality in the long term (Parkeringsprogrammet 2016). An increased sharing of cars would contribute to a more attractive city centre as well as a reduced impact on the environment and climate.


  • Contact person: Jörgen Einarsson, City of Trollhättan

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