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Making climate investment plans a tool for the climate transition

An important purpose of developing climate investment plans is to look at the total investment needs to achieve the climate targets in order to understand the capital needs of the transition. This feasibility study will further develop the work by exploring future investments that are not initiated to reduce carbon emissions. These investments may account for a large share of future emissions, e.g. in infrastructure and buildings. How do these investments relate to the Climate Investment Plan? How should we calculate the net climate benefit of an investment? How can climate benefit calculations contribute to better decision-making? How can this work be better integrated into the municipal group's management, governance and follow-up? How can decision-making processes be designed and decision-making data and key figures and indicators be developed that make it possible to steer towards adopted climate targets and action plans?

The initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #13.


  • ActorsBorlänge Municipality, Gävle Municipality, Gothenburg Municipality, Luleå Municipality and NILU Climate and Environment Institute.
  • Amount requested: Approximately SEK 1.3 million
  • Total cost: Approximately SEK 2.7 million.