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Pre-study on climate investments:

sustainable growth and climate-neutral municipality

Upplands-Bro has the largest increase in carbon dioxide emissions among Swedish municipalities since the Paris Agreement. However, the political leadership has high ambitions in its climate policy: the municipality will be climate neutral by 2045. The municipality also aims to support the business community - which today consists largely of warehouses/logistics, agriculture and energy producers - in their energy transition.

To achieve the goals, a concerted effort is needed together with the business community. The feasibility study will conduct economic analyses of climate measures and, in collaboration with the business community, highlight economic opportunities for climate investments, such as sustainable energy supply and climate requirements in urban development processes.

The preliminary study will help the municipality as a whole to reduce its emissions by using the economic aspects of climate work in business development and urban planning.

The initiative is part of the Viable Cities call #13.


  • Actors: Upplands-Bro municipality
  • Amount requested: Approximately SEK 1.3 million
  • Total cost: Approximately SEK 2.6 million.